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Project Type

Service/UX research & design

My role

Projectmanager & Service/UX designer

Release year


Paradiso Amsterdam – Service Design

In the first semester of the school year 2017/2018 the university of Applied Sciences worked together with Paradiso Amsterdam for a school assessment. The goal was to redesign the experience of Paradiso. Paradiso is a venue in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam. They are hosting more than a thousand events at several locations throughout the city, hosting over 600,000 people annually.

This was a team assessment and it was my rol to focus on the Service design, User Research, User Experience off screen and to be the project manager. On this page I will show how I used service design for this project.


OwnID – a service where you can buy and sell tickets for concerts and events in a safe mannerusing the blockchain technology in a closed ecosystem.
We offer a regulated secondhand ticketmarket. A user sells a ticket, and instead of having to send to ticket to the buyer, the buyer gets a brand new ticket and the old, sold one gets destroyed. This way, you’re certain not to get scammed. Users get checked using the blockchain technology, so bots don’t get a chance.

Service Design tools

This was my first on working on a project which truly involved service design. In my opinion service design is a customer based view on the total experience, proces/journey, communication and infrastructure. It is being used to create and develop better experience for companies or customers. The target audience is always in this the most important stakeholder.
To redesign the experience of Paradiso I used the following tools to get more insight for a better experience:
– Trouble island
– Program requirements
– Interviews
– Expert Interviews
– Deskresearch
– Personas
– Brand eye
– Framing: Context & Objective
– Empathy map
– Stakeholdermap
– Key path scenario
– Context scenario
– Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)
– Customer journey map
– Service Blueprint

The most important and relevant tools for project OwnID will be below with an explanation on how I used them to help us improve the experience and the service of our application.

Target audience & personas

The most important part of service design is knowing your target audience. We did a lot of interviews and research to come up with the following personas. They are in dutch and will be updated soon to english.

Brand Eye

It was very usefull to know what the main intern targets were of Paradiso by using this tool.

Customer journey map

A customer journey map is a diagram or several diagrams which is showing all the stages customers go through. They could be interacting with a app, or a place or buying things online or doing something different. It all comes down on their experience. In a CJM all the stages get visualized so you see and review it very easily. It has been a very useful tool because of the ease of seeing pain points in your customer experience. An other word for a customer journey is the customer experience flow or route.

Below you can see my CJM for OwnID. There are many different versions because we had so much data, I had to update the CJM almost every day during the project.

Service Blueprint

After focusing on the customer journey map, I started working on our service blueprint. A service blueprint is a graphical process tool on a bigger scale than the customer journey map. Mainly because a service blueprint is focused on the total experience and not only on the user.
We used the service blueprint to provide a visual guidance on how the paradiso experience was, should and could be. It provides the user actions, physical evidence, supported systems, databases, front stage and back stage actions. Every action is based on personas, location interviews, expert interviews, stakeholder talks, deskresearch and the customer journeys. In my opinion this was the best tool to use for paradiso. We got a very clear view on every action and if things were not clear enough, I maked sure to test, validate and research it.

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