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Project Type

Service/UX research & design

My role

Projectmanager & Service/UX designer

Release year


Paradiso Amsterdam – Own ID

In the first semester of the school year 2017/2018 the university of Applied Sciences worked together with Paradiso Amsterdam for a school assessment. The goal was to redesign the experience of Paradiso. Paradiso is a venue in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam. They are hosting more than a thousand events at several locations throughout the city, hosting over 600,000 people annually.

This was a team assessment and it was my rol to focus on the Service design, User Research, User Experience off screen and to be the project manager. On this page I will explain what our concept is.

Research phase: Paradiso ID

During our research phase we came across the following: second handed tickets are way to expensive and not safe to get in every circumstances. Ofcourse we knew Ticketswap was doing a good job of making it easy with good user experience. But we did a lot research on what target audience real experience in general was and more people then we thought had problems with ticketswap. Problems like buying tickets that turned about to be fakes, getting no moneyback when tickets were not working at the event, buying EXTRA pair of tickets and getting told they would get the money back after the event. They never got it.
We decided to do something about this by creating our own system. At first it was called ParadisoID. A application were the audience of the Pardiso venue in Amsterdam could easy buy personal tickets for themself and even for their friends. By linking tickets to real people through a special ID, we could never have any problems of having duplicated tickets. We also decided that people cant make any profit on their tickets. However they can sell for less the price they bought it for.
But that was not even our main selling point.



OwnID – a service where you can buy and sell tickets for concerts and events in a safe mannerusing the blockchain technology in a closed ecosystem.
We offer a regulated secondhand ticketmarket. A user sells a ticket, and instead of having to send to ticket to the buyer, the buyer gets a brand new ticket and the old, sold one gets destroyed. This way, you’re certain not to get scammed. Users get checked using the blockchain technology, so bots don’t get a chance.
Blockchain - OwnID

Usefull use of Blockchain

After several researches and talks we knew we needed blockchain to ensure the security and the ease of buying tickets. The users get checked first of all of being a real person and not a bot. Then we use a phone number and email to confirm being legit. There is pretty much no reason for someone to fake this because every ticket is unique and can not be sold with profit. Because blockchaining the transactions uses a lot of power, and would get real expensive, we chose to blockchain the users instead. This way, we prevent the blockchain from using as much power as an entire country after the service is being used for a few years.
Safety - Own ID

Guaranteed entry

So first off, our promise to you. Using OwnID offers safety, we’ll 100% guarantee you’ll get in using the tickets that you bought using our service. When you buy a secondhand ticket off another seller, his ticket ID will be destroyed, and you’ll get a brand new ticket. So no worries there! The seller won’t be able to use the old ticket anymore.


Prices are guaranteed to be equal to or lower than the original prices. No hidden service fees, no ridiculously high priced tickets, and best of all, instant transferring of the tickets. No need to meet up with the seller, no need to wait for them to respond to your email, and it’s all anonymous. Choose the cheapest ticket, buy it, and go to the event! It really is that easy. When using our service, members are not able to make a profit selling tickets, thus preventing members of mass buying tickets and reselling them for higher prices. This is where the power of our service is shown.